Issue 3/2017

Advertising Deadline – 6th June 2017
Publication Date – 26th June 2017

USN Sailor 2025
MS&T investigates the Sailor 2025 initiative of the US Navy, Readiness and a focus on the sailor is central to the program and will be facilitated by adopting a continuum approach to training, providing adaptive and personalised learning. And similar to the other services, the USN is finding more efficient ways to deliver training to where trainees are located – including through mobile learning – rather than having trainees travel to conventional schoolhouses. Immersive training environments using artificial intelligence and personalised and adaptive learning systems, as guided by an overall greater understanding of the nature of skill development and retention are essential elements of the program.

Training Technology in Military Medicine
MS&T investigates the latest advances in medical simulation and training equipment, particularly with regard to battlefield trauma applications. It is well-known that treatment and evacuation to a military hospital within the “golden hour” immediately following injury, is vital to saving lives and minimizing long term physical and psychological impact to the casualty. A wide range of advanced training equipment is now in use by military medical personnel, and outcomes continue to improve.

Military Gaming and Human Performance
Gaming has long been an important tool used by militaries to assist in training, analysis and mission readiness. From the earliest “chess pieces” on a board, gaming has evolved into state-of-the-art computer-simulation systems that allow users to customize their virtual experience based on real-life events. With increasing knowledge of human performance, including how to optimise learning and retention rates, military gaming technologies and techniques are becoming more critical to readiness than ever before.

RAF 54 Squadron
MS&T visits 54 Squadron, Royal Air Force (Reserve), a squadron that can trace its origins to the First World War, and as such is one of the oldest military aviation units in the world. The Squadron is based at RAF Waddington and formerly operated Jaguar strike aircraft out of RAF Coltishall. In September, 2005 it assumed the role of an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operational Conversion Unit, and is responsible for training all RAF crews assigned to the E-3D Sentry AEW1, Nimrod R1 and the Sentinel R1 as well as running the Qualified Weapons Instructor Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Course (QWI ISR).

Royal Netherlands Army Simulation Centre
MS&T takes a detailed look at simulation in the Dutch Army with particular focus on this services’ Simulation Centre and the use of Live, Virtual and Constructive simulations. This feature article will include the Army’s considered views on their needs and wants, and will also look at the Simulation Centre’s technology suppliers.

ITEC Show Report
MS&T reports from the conference and trade show floor of the ITEC conference, held May 16-18 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. ITEC is Europe’s annual international forum for the Military Training, Education and Simulation sectors.

Global Military Flight Simulator Insights
A narrative on the activity in the military flight simulator market over the past year, including vendor market share, geographic distribution, and technological developments.

Military Flight Simulator Census
A comprehensive guide to the global military flight simulation installed base, by vendor and category, and also including notations on technical capabilities such as visual display and motion system technology.

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