Issue 2/2017

Advertising Deadline – 13th April 2017
Publication Date – 8th May 2017

Exercise Bold Alligator – MS&T investigates the Bold Alligator exercise, designed to improve US Navy and Marine Corps amphibious operations and increase cooperation with allies. The exercise was synthetic in 2016, setting the stage for a fully live exercise in 2017. In 2014, the focus was on crisis response operations in a complex setting with coalition partners. The capabilities that allow amphibious forces to conduct a forcible entry against an opposing military force are the same capabilities that make it so valuable for crisis response and humanitarian assistance. Improving Navy-Marine Corps amphibious core competencies along with coalition, NATO, allied and partner nations is seen as a necessary investment in overall US military readiness.

Armoured Vehicle Training – MS&T visits the Armour Centre at Bovington Camp in Dorset, and the associated Gunnery School at nearby Lulworth, where the British Army trains all those destined to operate armoured vehicles. This includes a comprehensive look at what are referred to as Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) – Main Battle Tanks (MBT), light Armoured Reconnaissance, and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) – as well as a wide range of armoured and protected wheeled vehicles.

Cyber Warriors – Western militaries and NATO have acknowledged that Cyber is an operational domain – along with air, land and sea – and this fact underscores the very significant resources being spent by NATO countries on securing IT infrastructure and achieving “Cyber Resilience”. Indeed, the importance of Cyber Resilience in an unpredictable security environment was made very clear at NATO’s July 2016 Warsaw Summit. MS&T explores the current cyber security environment and the ever changing threat picture.

Training to Secure High Value Personnel – MS&T investigates the training that is involved with securing high value personnel such as government heads of state and industry VIPs. Some of the responsibility for “Close Protection” is contracted to private companies and some is provided directly by state entities, military and paramilitary forces. As the threats evolve so does the technology and the mitigations. Yet human intelligence and flawless inter-agency coordination remain critically important.

US Army-USMC M&S Collaboration – The Inter-service cooperation and collaboration theme of this issue of MS&T continues with a look at the teaming that the US Army and Marine Corps have established for Modeling and Simulation. The effort was highlighted at the 2nd Annual Modeling & Simulation Forum that took place February 8-10 in Quantico, Virginia. Delegates learned that it is no longer business as usual in their services’ M&S enterprises. Smart collaboration and cooperation are yielding financial, performance and schedule dividends like never before.

DSET Conference Report – A report from the Defence Simulation Education Training Conference, held 28 February – 1 March in Bristol, UK.


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